care for parrotlets

Caring for Parrotlets

In order to care for parrotlet, you need to ensure a number of things for their well-being. A well-balanced diet, proper supply of food and water, time and attention are necessary.  And above all, you have to provide them a proper environment for them to flourish and develop. In this article, we will go step…

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Guide Of bird toys

The Buying Guide of Bonka Bird Toy

You may raise a question that what can be the effectiveness and importance of bird toys. let you justify. When we are staying at home because of the snow or lack of the sun, we somehow feel the need of having something to keep ourselves busy. Staying at home, with possibly no work can make…

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Kaytee Bird Feeders

A Complete Review Of Kaytee Bird Feeders

What better way to start your morning than sipping onto a hot cup of coffee and watching those colorful birds flocking in your balcony? Having a cup of coffee may sound like achievable or a cup-of-tea to you, but what about the idea behind “birds flocking in your balcony”? Well, you must give to get…

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