Best Pet Birds You Would Love To Pet

Okay, so we are here now! Lonely and alone, thinking about what could be done differently to get away with the solitude feeling rooting in our hearts.  How it would feel if we had someone (or something) to get us some company in those times when we just want to talk our heart out, without…

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how to take care a parakeet

How to take care of a parakeet ( For Noobs )

If you don’t want to go crazy with your first purchase and want to hit something small to pet, then Parakeet would be your right choice. They are also known as budgies or budgerigars; these small birds are cute and can fit any cage that you may have already in your home.  The noise level…

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Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

10 Best Bird Feeders For Cardinals Review

When it comes to cardinals, regular bird feeders aren’t always the best. What kind of bird feeders should you be looking for then? If that’s the question that you have been asking yourself, then our today’s material will surely be helpful for you! We are going to present you with 10 feeders that we consider…

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