blue mascaw

Types OF Pet Birds That Talk

Sometimes you feel lonely and want someone to talk to you. If you think you can’t have human then have a pet bird instead. Because there are some of the species who have such incredible talking ability that will just make you speechless. If you wish to have a kind of pet like that, then…

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Kaytee Pet T-Stand

Kaytee Pet T-Stand Review

Kaytee pet t- stand! What is it? Wanna know about it? Let’s stick with this guide. Birds are one of the most fantastic pets one can have. They’re intelligent creatures who’ve been great companions for human beings since the beginning of time. A T-stand is a must have if you want your pet birds to…

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Green Cheeks

Most Cuddly Birds Around The World

If any other species that can act as your child then that has to be a bird. They will fly high away from you but at the same time will come closer to you to get cuddled. If you are yet to know the most cuddly birds around the world, then don’t worry! We will…

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